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Sakura Reverie

Sakura Reverie

By: 神嵐遊戲

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"Fantasy of Fallen Sakura" also takes the world view of "Fallen Sakura" as the starting point. Come and experience a great adventure purely through dialogue!

Familiar Rakura, a different adventure.

A new school life, young love affair, mysterious curse, waiting for you to unravel the mystery.

In "Falling Sakura Fantasy Story", players will face various interactions in Yinghua Academy and affect the rise and fall of various values according to the interactive options. These values will affect the interaction and options of subsequent events, and even... affect your death.

The mystery of the immortality, the unknown curse, the three new heroines with different temperaments, everything is waiting for you to discover.

Sakura Reverie
Hossam Galal

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