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Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

By: 万达院线游戏

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One hundred million punches per second and hang up super casual

The original "Saint Seiya" by Mr. Masami Sakata is officially authorized, and the first genuine Saint Seiya mobile game released by Wanda Cinemas Games is here!

Genuine! Super cool experience in vertical hanging machine

Super-combustion hangs up, so cool to fly! Fighting ceaselessly, gains more! Get a little resource!

Strategy! One-click formation of all fighters

Fighter skills, lineup position, occupation distribution... a variety of gameplay strategies to create a personalized sanctuary, giving you a different experience!

It can break through the routine, the one-click configuration is smooth, and the lineup is unmatched!

combustion! One hit kills heavy punch crit

All the saints appearing in the original manga will be perfectly reproduced through the 3D engine!

A unique experience beyond the original, Tianma Meteor Boxing, super cool and super casual!

Get together! Original Voice Actor Audiovisual Feast

The super-burning picture and the blessing of Japan's top voice actors will bring you a unique audio-visual enjoyment of the game!

The classic theme song sounded, dreaming back to the youth, not forgetting the blood...

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice
Hossam Galal

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