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Reversal round

Reversal round

By: 飞鱼科技

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"Reversal Round" is a multiplayer online card battle game.

-Easy to use: Only ten cards are needed to easily build a deck!

-Refreshing comeback: Use super kills to reverse the situation and win!

-Ever-changing: unlimited possibilities, create your own strategy!

-Long Live Friendship: Discuss with friends, the more people there are, the more fun!

-Become a legend: set the star of Vientiane and climb to the top of the ladder of honor!

∵°∴. * ∴°﹒ ∵∴﹒ . ∵. ∴✯

∴. ∴°★﹒ * ∵. ✯﹒ ∵∴°. ∵°.

. * ∴✯. ∴°. *∵. ∵. ★°∴.

This is the Vientiane Tavern located in the rift of time and space in another world.

The portals connecting different universes are shining with vast stars, welcoming you.

"Welcome! Come, please pick up the Vientiane card and become a card master!"

The lady boss with dragon horns and long red hair wants to share with you the story behind each card...

Reversal round
Hossam Galal

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