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Hello everyone, we are ORBIT GAMES, an independent game development team from Chongqing. I am very happy to introduce our first game: G2 FIGHTER.

G2 Fighter is a Low Poly style Top-Down shooting RPG. We have created a grand world map, built a variety of cities and scenes, players in this world freely fight, drive, create and complete various tasks. You can follow our protagonist "Bourne Pieron" to experience this chaotic doomsday world, explore the truth of the demise of the old human world, and thoroughly investigate the black hand behind the story.

Game features

Refreshing battle

You can carry up to three long-range weapons, one melee weapon, one grenade, and multiple skills. The powerful firepower configuration will help everyone to make a bloody path in the Wanjun. The unparalleled combat experience and the abnormal hell difficulty will make you want to stop.

Various equipment

Randomly dropped equipment has different qualities and grades, and the attributes of the equipment can be improved a second time by strengthening and inlaying special accessories. Here you can use different combinations of attributes to create a large number of unique equipment, and the later "sweeping god outfit" sense of accomplishment will also give players more fun.

Rich task

In addition to the main process, there are a large number of side missions for you to choose from in the game. The plot trend will change due to the choice of missions. Some missions will be closed during the game due to mutual exclusion. After the main line progress reaches a certain stage, the player will be able to ignore the task and turn on the "swipe" dungeon gameplay.

Free world

In addition to the light and shadow effects, the real-time flow of time will also affect the triggering of various events and the completion of tasks; the open large map allows you to gallop on the vast ground, and as the plot progresses, more game areas will be unlocked ; The relationship between the different forces in the game (new humans, old humans, mutants, robots, etc.) will also change as the story progresses.

Lively dubbing

We invited more than ten experienced voice actors such as Doug Cockle to the OMUK studio in London to do the English dubbing work for the game. The original voice gives the character alive and vitality, makes the story more three-dimensional, and immerses you in the world of G2 Fighter.

Hossam Galal

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