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Realm X: The Original World

Realm X: The Original World

By: Blcok Hop

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In 2019, the mysterious experiment institute named "HASH" was in the process of studying the hyperspace link. The experiment failed and the space-time tunnel was about to collapse. In a crisis, DR.X turned on the backup time machine and sent you back tens of thousands. Primitive society years ago.

Returning to the primitive society, you need to learn how to farm, take risks, and use the returned materials to make equipment.

The core element of the game is the creation of equipment, creating equipment that belongs to you alone, opening up the boundaries in the primitive world.

In addition, it is also divided into several major games such as growing, growing vegetables, and breeding.

Players can also create world maps and creatures living in them through their own play.

In the future, social gameplay will be added, so that you will not fight alone in the primitive world.

In short

Everything in this world can be created by you.

Don't like the original world? Then you can create a world you like for everyone to play.

Don't like this creature? Let your favorite creature step into this world.

The multidimensional world is switched as you like.

Realm X: The Original World
Hossam Galal

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