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Medieval monarch

Medieval monarch

By: Mr.Lordy

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·The Medieval Monarch is a casual simulation strategy game that focuses on internal affairs and life, supplemented by war expansion, fighting wits and courage with domestic two and five boys, and focusing on profit trading. The game is played from the perspective of a medieval ruler. You can train your own heirs, balance factions among vassals, interact with other lords, manage fiefs and develop populations, go out to explore, hunt, exercise your own abilities, appoint officials to help yourself manage the country, and a lot of event choices!

·You can appoint your cabinet officials, court teachers.

· Amend the national tax law, inheritance law, military service law, religious law, etc.

· Convene vassal meetings and cabinet meetings, and they will provide some good suggestions.

·Balance the support of vassals of various factions to get help in governing.

· Various guilds can provide different help, but beware of their overpower.

·Use diplomatic interaction to exchange interests with vassals, lords or rulers of other countries.

·Manage the population and fields of one's own fief, and expand buildings to develop the economy.

·Balance the population of each occupation in the fief in order to maximize the income.

·Different occupations of the population of the fief will have different effects.

· Hire court teachers, or raise children yourself.

·The dynamic changes of national stability will be affected by many related data.

·Handle the conflicts between heirs and other heirs to prevent wars of succession to the throne.

·Improve one's attributes through life functions.

·Expedition, hunting, reading, equipment building, fighting, competition and other functions.

· Issue royal announcements to raise funds to construct buildings or hire personnel.

·Always pay attention to royal guard changes to prevent assassinations.

·Expand the country's territory to consolidate its power, and improve the national intelligence to obtain more information about the lord.

·Detailed personal biographical information records, which require the support of intelligence.

·Different character traits, hobbies and moods.

·Rich events require choices, and different characteristics will affect the mood of the lord after the choice.

· Make plans for conspiracy activities.

·Dynamic legal territorial ownership and family changes.

·Some built-in casual games.

【Arrangement function】

· Title acquisition or union after marriage.

· Religious differences.

· *** of different religions.

· The last wish of the ruler after his death.

·The family glory spirit.

·Different fiefdoms.

·More mini games.

[The idea in my head but hasn’t started to code]

·Different forms of government.

· Substantive parliamentary voting function, canvassing votes, and interest exchange.

· History reverses the Roman Empire and even the Roman Republic.

· Mercenary Knights.

·Trade resources.

Thanks to the friends who helped in the development! Without your help, maybe I don’t know when it will be released!

Thank you!

Medieval monarch
Hossam Galal

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