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Pocket Heroes

Pocket Heroes


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"Pocket Heroes" is a two-dimensional role-playing adventure placement game. Players recruit and cultivate their own hero team, as well as the fetters of many elves and pets, challenge endless monsters, compete for territory, and continue to explore and fight in this world to save the world.

In the game, the cool appearance of the real-time dress-up is displayed at will, the novel and diversified copy and challenge mode, the infinite combo action, the rich career choice, and the super cool blow feeling will bring you a wonderful and continuous fighting experience.

The road to become stronger is full of battlefields. Abyss dungeons, monster siege, alien battlefields, cross-server ranks, Treasure Island territory grabs, more delusional caves, team arenas, and more strategy brain-burning fun gameplay, let you challenge Limit yourself.

Dare to fight, dare to take risks, are you ready? Come to "Pocket Heroes" to become a superhero and save the world!

Pocket Heroes
Hossam Galal

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