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Budo Fighting Girl: Maid

Budo Fighting Girl: Maid

By: 武道战姬制作委员会

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A casual marble adventure game with a maid as the theme;

Touch your finger to hit the magic ball to remove the invisible realm, save the school girl hidden in the dark realm, and sign a contract with her!


1. Five beautiful young ladies, each character has a different action and maid costume;

2. The core gameplay of the game is a combination of plot narration + marbles. Each character's plot level has an exclusive plot, and each lady has different exclusive skills, such as Su Jiu’s wooden thorn, Wenqi’s pinch, and He Qin's throwing shoes, etc.;

3. Novices are very easy to use, only one-handed touch/mouse click can control the character, hitting the circle magic ball marbles will produce unexpected effects, and ultimately save the young lady from the shadows;

4. The picture book can collect up to 16 high-definition stand-up pictures for contractors;

5. "Budo Fighting Ji-Maid" is a fan game of "Budo Fighting Ji". The plot will try to describe the plot with humorous writing as much as possible~;

It is not very related to the official story of "Budo Fighting Ji", the setting is slightly different from the official story, and belongs to a separate story line;

Budo Fighting Girl: Maid
Hossam Galal

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