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Pocket corps

Pocket corps

By: R2Games

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Run your mercenary group and fly to various planets to explore and hunt! Innovative wheel warfare gameplay, Q cute style, global players compete in the same server!

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※Super shameless, wheel fight※

Can't beat the devil? It doesn't matter, mercenaries take turns in battle, but pocket mercenaries use super shameless wheel tactics!

※Super cute, mercenary group※

Over a hundred cute mercenaries with different personalities will grow with you and the game! As the game time progresses, the mercenaries will grow up and their attributes will also increase. Don't look down on the elderly mercenaries!

※Super exciting, planetary adventure※

Every adventure is unique. Create your own continent on a new planet. There may be dungeons, treasures, and even explorers like you!

※Super brain burn, platoon troops※

There is no lineup to fight to the end! When mercenaries stand in different positions in the team, different skills will be triggered! Every battle requires different pre-war preparations!

The most "shameless" combat mode of 2016-the super funny and exciting "Pocket Army" is here! You must play!

Pocket corps
Hossam Galal

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