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Perfect fantasy

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"When the ancient kingdom of magic was invaded by mechanical technology, people who lived in a comfortable life had to take up weapons to fight against the evil mechanical legion. And this war also opened the prelude to the alternation of the old and new eras on this continent..."

In "Perfect Fantasy", new opportunities and challenges are waiting for you every day. Along with the endless journey, you will meet wind and rain wizards, bloody warriors, mysterious assassins, archers who will kill with one blow... Thousands of real players will fight alongside you, grow together, and repel Intruder!

In addition to endless battle adventures, you can also experience a variety of life surprises. Fishing in the forest, collecting ore in mines, looking for legendary treasures everywhere...A variety of new and interesting gameplays are contained in life gameplay. In addition, you can also use the collected materials to show off your cooking skills, fry, cook, and deep-fry, each has its own brilliance... After tasting the carefully cooked dishes, let's embark on the journey to the next destination!

【Leisure strategy hang up】

Rejecting the boringness of traditional on-hook games, it combines the charm of on-hook games with leisure and tactical strategies. It brings more skill design and matching gameplay. Different skill combinations have different effects, turning the battle situation, and all in control. Each skill is carefully designed, and gorgeous special effects bring you the refreshing feeling of action games.

[Fresh and diverse gameplay]

Map adventures with different themes and a variety of interesting gameplay. Each map has its own different characteristics waiting for you to discover, including copies of various themes such as the Forgotten Realm, guarding the Elf Valley, the behemoth attacking defense battle, and the legion trial between players, waiting for you challenge.

[Beautiful light and shadow scene]

Innovative horizontal 3D map design and light and shadow special effects. Sunny forests, dark and mysterious underground mines, quiet and ancient relics, desolate and vast deserts... The beautiful and real scenes make people feel like being in a magical world. I don’t know what wonderful scenery is waiting for us at the next stop...

[Rich character features]

Four character professions with distinctive features, exquisite and lovely characters. Spell-chanting magicians, sword-wielding warriors, agile assassins, long-range attack archers...They are active in various parts of the continent, fighting to protect this magical kingdom. Each profession has a rich skill matching system, making the battle more playable and strategic.

[Q cute exquisite character]

A variety of well-designed Q cute characters make people love it. The petite and lovely mage fights side by side with the strong and tall warrior. There are more colorful pets to accompany you, from the soft and cute ground squirrel to the mighty mechanical three-headed dog, collect pets during the journey, and explore the larger world with your friends.

Perfect fantasy
Hossam Galal

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