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Path of Destiny

Path of Destiny

By: 宁波元素人

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Pure AVG comic plot, original TCG gameplay. The game adopts an innovative 1v1 competitive battle mode, with TCG card strategy gameplay, super strategy matching! Players begin to experience a new story world from the moment they enter the game, and compete and compete with players around the world in the same world, adventure gameplay, PVP ladder gameplay, as well as multiple professional characters to choose from and battle skill cards to match, more than a hundred skills, strategic brainstorming!


When we came to the space called "The Yard" for some reason, we decided to reconcile the concept of time and find a way to return to the realm of reality and continue our destiny.

But at this moment, a strange atmosphere enveloped us.

It was an unbelievable place, a spiritual space with a very low consumption of spiritual energy; however, both people in the spiritual realm and people in the real realm might experience the "disappearance of existence," but no one could observe the disappearance of existence. The disaster is secretly coming, but the people there don't know anything about it.

My friends are disappearing, what should I do, what kind of world is this?


- Innovative card battles, present hearty.

- Adventure, ladder, arena 1v1 competitive play, original contest guessing cards TCG play!

- Link each other's viewpoints to piece together the complete.

- From the moment you enter the game, you need to carefully experience each scenario to find the truth from it, the scenario is the key point of all the game!

- Massive map scenes for the ultimate experience.

- Combine adventure gameplay and plot points to explore the mental space of the Yagami and have fun exploring it!

- Fantasy brain burning plot, interpretation of the grand.

Original AVG plot, spiritual space and real space intersect each other, explore the mystery of the world with your partner!

Path of Destiny
Hossam Galal

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