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Nao Tiangong (experience service)

Nao Tiangong (experience service)

By: 极光计划

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"Nao Tiangong" is a classic 4V4 fair competition mobile game of Westward Journey. It combines the essence of iO and MOBA games. The heroes are all traditional Chinese gods. Breaking off the ground and flying freely in the air from the horizontal perspective is very subversive! Secondly, the main purpose of everyone teaming up to open black is actually to grab peaches! Wow, take food to the extreme!

Everyone fights monsters in the game and competes for fairy peaches. Once the number of fairy peaches on one side reaches 1000 first, it will enter the decisive moment! The side with the fewest peaches will desperately find a chance to start a team in the next minute of the decisive victory, looking for an opportunity for an instant comeback. That scene, it was quite fierce to make up for it!

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[Fair playing, reversal and comeback]

Fair competition without inscriptions, fast-paced combat brings a more ups and downs of heart flow experience, the Jedi comeback is far simpler than imagined!

[Struggling for strongholds, suppressing the overall situation]

There are no towers and no lines, using more strategically occupying resurrection points, and using resurrection points to oppress and prolong the time for the enemy to return to the battlefield!

[Easily enter the battle, quick battle]

4v4 fast game, full development in 3 minutes, fierce battle in 10 minutes, changeable tactical options, each game is a new experience!

[Fighting gods, fighting in heaven]

Horizontal 360° aerial combat with clouds and fog, with rich and interesting map effects such as hiding in clouds, chasing in the wind, avoiding thunderclouds, etc., bringing an extraordinary combat experience!

[The hero is coming again, back to the classic]

The classic national style art style fused with Disney's design techniques, 20 traditional mythological heroes with different shapes and distinctive features, staged a wonderful showdown!

Nao Tiangong (experience service)
Hossam Galal

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