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Pass through

Pass through

By: Mango Games

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The Deadly Slashing Cracked Edition is a doomsday zombie-themed horizontal action game with ultra-rich combat methods. It has a strong American comic-style graphic style performance and super-powerful combat style. A large number of zombies are coming towards you The pleasure of being cut into pieces in an instant can be experienced here! The bloody road to survival is very skinny, the dexterous and fickle fighting style and ultra-luxury combat weapons are as you define!

Combat & Operation:

-Flexible fighting methods.

-Various combinations of weapons and props.

-Multiple modes are waiting for you to challenge.

Game highlights

1. Super luxurious combat equipment lineup can be randomly matched with various combat props and extremely fickle combat style;

2. A variety of battle modes are challenged by you, endless battles and time-limited battles experience different pleasures;

3. Super cool combat experience. Go to the zombie tide and kill the road to survive. Experience the exaggerated American style of horizontal action game charm.

Pass through
Hossam Galal

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