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When the world is black and white, how would you choose?

Young Aurora and Ta’s friends are neither willing to be as hypocritical and arrogant as the Bright Alliance, nor are they willing to fall and lose themselves like the Darkborn.

You have no choice, you have the right to choose!

The dark church has ruled the continent of Saint Laurent, and the resistance of the Light Alliance was ruthlessly destroyed. Can you now defeat the powerful Darkborn?

Of course, you are not alone in the fight, you will meet a reliable partner on the journey of finding strength.

They are the goblins raised by the ronin, the maiden who fled from the light, the captain who was betrayed by their companions, the orcs with different thoughts from the clan, the elves who were extremely afraid of war, and the mixed women who were not accepted by the family.

Go, to shake the world!

"Ji Yuan Ji" (tentative name) is a mobile game that focuses on equipment collection, character training and plot. We retain the easy part of the placement type, and at the same time absorb the "hard core" of the dark category in the equipment entry. ".

The overall painting style is dark European and American realism. The focus of the game is on the matching, collection and cultivation of equipment. It is especially suitable for players who like to collect equipment and obsessed with various values.

The purely original plot and non-mandatory gameplay process can also allow some "lazy" players to find their own rhythm.

In "Ji Yuan Ji" (temporary name), unlike other games, let you choose the light or dark side. What is not represented here is the side independent of light and dark.

The apostle lives and moves forward wantonly.

All you need to do is to be yourself.

Hossam Galal

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