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Fox in the Fox Tu (beta)

Fox in the Fox Tu (beta)

By: catloafbakery

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-"Master, do you know how to fortune?"

-"...", "10 yuan per time."

-"Then you can calculate, can I become a fine?"

-"The secret of heaven cannot be overruled, and will have its own answer after 500 years."

According to the legend, everything in the world can be cultivated, and there are various forms of cultivation, and there must be one essence in every form. Hey, I have no time to explain. The village king and two foxes next door followed us in cultivating ten years ago, and now they are like a fox. You can't believe me if you don't envy me. Your kid joined us today, within ten, five years! Five years later, how you look up at Wang Erhu now, the younger generations in the village will envy you. ♂


Jane (mei) single (you) operation x leisure repair (cheng) cents (jing)


Just press the button to practice, make your choice, explore your story, and reach your top.

"Fox in the Fox Tu" will accompany you to become a vixen, here is your fox student.

This work was completed by catloafbakery, a two-person independent game team. If you have any questions, please contact

Fox in the Fox Tu (beta)
Hossam Galal

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