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Nothing in this life

Nothing in this life

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In ancient times, the gods condensed their spiritual power to create a heavenly mirror. The vicissitudes of life, the six worlds are changing, the mirror of the heaven has changed hands several times, and the whereabouts of it is gradually unknown. One day, one person walked across thousands of rivers and mountains and picked up the ancient mirror from the depths of the dense forest.

The rain is coming, the conspiracy is beginning to appear, and the proverbs in the mirror seem to have written fate. A stunning glance under the Baimei tree awakens the dusty memories, and the past mortals are turned into foreshadowings. Where will the destiny of you and sentient beings go?

"There is no white in this life" is a social mobile game of national wind and fairy fate, with a million-word original script to bring you a back-to-the-world love that spans thousands of years. In the game, you will become the special envoy of the town spirit, and you will create a beautiful and romantic story with "Jun Wubai" on the road of salvation in search of holy relics. Here, you can make friends with fantastic creatures of various races, the audience will live in various forms, explore the secrets of various parties, and you can also travel around the world with fairy friends, sit in the flowers and have a drink in the fairy palace.

☯More game features☯

[Back to the world's love before the dust is destined to love]

Million-word original script, 3D plot performance, high energy, tears, and constant reversal, the appearance of the fairy is actually a deep sadomasochism.

[My heart, my soul, cranes, teaser, break the wall, interaction]

The Spirit Crane Messenger under Yuelao Seat will bridge your feelings and take you into the inner world of the overbearing island owner.

Check in six scenic spots together, sweet date to unlock previous memories. Realistic interaction allows him to walk into your life, work with you and study with you.

[Enjoy the Liver Protection, Love, and Leisure in the Same Series]

Easy and simple fragmented gameplay, you can enjoy the benefits by sitting idle and chatting. Since then, the liver no longer hurts, and the hair is also more.

[Fancy clothes and makeup can be immortal or adorable]

Squeeze your face and change your appearance, Luo Chang's dress up, can be fairy or cute, salt or sweet, help the fairy to lead the fashion of the six worlds.

[Situation, social song, water, flow, dense and chatting]

Dig into the social gameplay, sit down with friends from all corners of the world and talk about it, happily cultivate immortals.

The game is still in the research and development stage, the promotional image is still in development, and the character modeling and vertical drawing UI will continue to be greatly optimized. At the same time, our male line plot is also stepping up to work, welcome Xianjun to leave a message or join the group to supervise the development progress~

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Nothing in this life
Hossam Galal

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