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"Nogard" is a high-degree-of-freedom adventure RPG that incorporates elements such as Roguelike, random mazes, and dungeons. You can choose brave partners with different talents to explore the unknown world, and partners with different talents can unlock different difficulties. In the process of exploring the world, different choices will trigger different endings and affect the friendship with your teammates. When your teammates grab your treasure, do you give it or not? Different choices write different stories.

[Game Features]

Random Labyrinth-Explore Unknown Territories

The maze map and events are random. During the process of exploring the maze, you will encounter events such as treasures, wrecks, thieves, etc., and a large number of unknown areas are waiting for the brave to explore

Individual teammates-all talented

Players can take an adventure with two teammates. Different teammates have different talents and can solve different events. Each character has a specific role story.

Story collection-uncovered

During the expedition, fragments of the story will be collected to reveal the inside story of Nogard and the legends of other races

Multiple endings-choice determines the plot

In the game, you often encounter choices. One choice may affect different solutions, and even affect the friendship with teammates.

Monster collection-turn monsters into cute pets

In the adventure world, you can get fragments of monsters by killing monsters you encounter. Combine monsters and raise them as your own. Each monster has a unique role.

【Nine Talents】

There are nine talents in the game, each character has unique talents, different talents

Thieves-unlock and unlock treasure chests

Wrist strength-pushing stones and other strength

Wilderness Survival-Rock Climbing, Swimming, Camping, Boating, etc.

Archeology-Dabble on historical knowledge and ancient writings

Sixth Sense-Foresee battle or danger in advance

Herbalism-collecting herbs and refining herbs

Treasure Hunt-Discover the location of the treasure in the maze in advance

Cooking Master-Make all kinds of buff foods

Dark Chef-very useful sometimes, especially when you don’t use it for yourself

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