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Archer is Adventure

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As an archer, you must set foot on the road of adventure without hesitation! Rich and diverse enemies and bosses make this journey full of challenges! Experience the bizarre world in the palm of your hand, and strive to grow into a powerful archer!

Use different styles of little archers, superimpose a variety of random skills, accurately master the parabola, carefully aim at the target, and avoid all obstacles! Shooting apples, breaking eggs, and encountering aliens are all here. Fight, archers!

1. Fresh painting style, through the jungle and desert

Grasslands, jungles, deserts, many fresh scenes, many fresh minds, it is worth your exploration and adventure. In addition to the boss from the earth, there are aliens from outer space, hens that hatch eggs, and angry windmills.

2. Gospel with disabled hands, vertical version with fingertips to break through

Just relax and the bow will hit the bullseye directly! Tired of accurate calculations, you can automatically aim here, which is definitely the gospel of the handicapped party. You just need to avoid all kinds of moving obstacles and go straight to your goal. In addition, hitting the apple has a unique tactile feedback, super decompression and relaxation.

3. Massive skills, random and crazy killing monsters

Come and try the roguelike randomly generated levels, you can never imagine what the next level will be. There are random skills to drop before each chapter, free combination is the king, and all arrows are in your grasp!

4. Ranking of the strong, exclusive road to advancement

All you have to do is challenge high scores, higher scores! The glory on the leaderboard is a symbol of agility and dexterity, come to fight if you are not satisfied! Participate in the rankings with all the players on the server and win the prize!

5. Massive dress up and collection of crazy demons to transform

In the game, there are not only nearly 50 characters of different shapes for players to choose from, not only are they unique in appearance, but also have various unique skill bonuses. Some can penetrate obstacles, and some can penetrate obstacles to make apples! Unique skills are waiting for you to unlock!

Archer is Adventure
Hossam Galal

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