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No One Lives

No One Lives

By: 深海互娱

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This is a tactical shooter competitive game. Players play as each of the tactical maps are vast (2560*2560 large map) and are divided into zones, one of which you can choose to enter into a simulated battlefield. Aside from a few innocuous gadgets, the simulated battlefield prepares you for a myriad of weaponry - including numerous guns, explosives, swords and daggers, and many types of armor and defense. You face at least 60 or more enemies armed with a variety of weapons, and they could be hiding anywhere, so be as careful as possible - there's only one fight. You can choose to team up with four people you trust or together to face the many enemies and help each other through the ups and downs. We add many vehicles to the battlefield, such as bicycles, Hummers, and armed fighting vehicles. And according to the accounts of some of the survivors, they have seen a more dramatic presence than helicopter gunships and walking armor. There are unique events that occur on the battlefield, perhaps a sudden disaster, or a trap that tempts the heart with desire. War is brutal, but we are strong and we can face any odds...

No One Lives
Hossam Galal

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