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No light night

No light night

By: LostGames

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"No Light" is a unique style of Cthulhu theme Roguelike action game

[Game Features]

◆Fun action game experience

You need to grasp the attack method of each enemy, and use this to make a quick and quick response, use continuous attacks to disintegrate the opponent, otherwise you will be buried in a mysterious and terrifying dungeon.

◆This grid Roguelike element

The highly random map scenes and item drops allow you to get a brand new experience every time you enter the dungeon. By obtaining extraordinary items with different effects and matching your own skill styles, your fighting style construction will be eclectic and full of flowers.

◆ Well-designed leader challenge

In the dungeon, you will encounter dozens of powerful boss enemies with different characteristics. They have their own unique level mechanisms. What you need to do is to survive and find a way to break through under continuous suppression.

◆Free replacement of multiple weapons

In the game, you can get a total of hundreds of weapons of various types. The weapons have different attack actions and output performance. The exclusive effects attached to the extraordinary weapons will also become a very important part of your fighting style construction.

◆Protagonists with different styles

You can choose to play any person in the exploration team. They have different goals and have ghosts in their hearts. But as elites, they all have completely different skills, fighting styles and good weapons. Similarly, they also have different plots and fate.

◆Unexpected plot development

The plot design will start from the pure Cthulhu myth, and you will not be able to discover the truth until the last moment. More importantly, the continent shrouded in darkness is so vast that the stories that happened in the night without light are just a drop in the ocean.

【Background Setting】

The story takes place in a continent shrouded in darkness, where there is only the moon, not the sun.

The chattering from the depths of the darkness is intensifying, the stars also start to move slowly, and the sleeping old gods are about to recover. Under the threat of dark creatures, the humans gathered on the west coast to survive, finally decided to launch an expedition to the depths of the dark continent, but the triumphant expedition was blocked by a blizzard of unknown origin.

In order to cope with the intrusion of the blizzard and the threat of the return of the old gods, mankind launched a secret operation called "Plan of Ascending God" at the fortresses of the expeditionary force. As a result, everything was burned in a fire that never extinguished...

A century later, a broken frontier world named "monastery" suddenly established a connection with the present world. For unknowable purposes, the "silent monastery" sent an exploratory team composed of several elite deer hunters into the frontier world. deep. There, a horrible change is taking place, and this team is also trapped in the border world that will never stop reincarnation.

In order to escape from here, they began an endless and frantic struggle under the dark creatures...

What happened in this world?

Why are there two moons in the sky?

Is the old god about to wake up?

What is hidden in the mysterious monastery?

Who are you... on earth?

Pious beliefs and twisted hearts live together, and the lost church members cry out in the void.

There is no doubt that what you see is true, and what you see is false.

No light night
Hossam Galal

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