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This is a journey to the clouds that embraces freedom and warmth. Hand in hand with your beloved people, soar in this unparalleled sky kingdom, and the power of love will support you all the way.

[Master returns after many years of masterpieces]

The famous game designer Chen Xinghan brought a masterpiece of the game again after many years after "Journey", opening an unforgettable social adventure experience, meeting the soaring dream chaser in the clear sky and the sea of clouds.

[Kuangshiyunhaitiandi soaring freely]

Witness a magnificent and ever-changing kingdom of the sky, soaring freely in the dreamlike sea of clouds; walking with the clouds, resonating with love, freely pursuing the dream of "flying" in the vast world, taking the heart as the heart Ya.

[People who meet strangers unexpectedly go hand in hand]

On the journey of exploring the vast world, meet, get acquainted with, get acquainted with, and help people from all over the world; experience of surprises and moving, illuminate each other with strangers, move forward together, and start a unique social adventure.

[Go to the fantasy world to explore the mystery]

With the light in mind, in the ancient ruins, in the lost country, looking for the secrets hidden by the long time; on the journey, meet different people and creatures in the fantasy world, and spread the light to the vast kingdom.

[Warm encounter, regain the courage to chase dream journey]

Hand in hand with the people you love, pick up courage and faith, and embark on a fantasy and surprising social adventure together; in the journey of chasing the light and dreams, companionship makes the road forward no longer alone.

As stated in the finalized announcement, some Android models cannot perfectly present the audiovisual effects of "Light Encounter". As of the current version, Android devices need to meet the following requirements at the same time before the cloud adventure of "Light Encounter" can be carried out. :

Android 8.0 or higher system support

ARM 64 bit

Support Neon

More than 1.5GB memory (install package body)

Support OpenGLES 3.1 extension pack

Vulkan version 1.0.3 and above

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