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Next stop Jianghu Ⅰ

Next stop Jianghu Ⅰ

By: 搜发互娱

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"Next Stop Jianghu I", a pure martial arts sandbox stand-alone mobile game!

A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet, and a thousand players will have a thousand arena experiences.

Combining exploration challenges, martial arts adventures, martial arts collection, and teammate collection in one, you will realize your martial arts dream of fighting the sword.

The next stop Jianghu official group: 978574834 player communication, official interaction, and opinion collection.

[Game Features]

1. Multiple endings.

Thirty endings are waiting for you to explore. Every choice you make in the game will affect your future direction, whether it is the leader of the martial arts, the demon, or the emperor.

2. Multiple branches.

Behind every event, you will be faced with multiple choices, and different choices will bring you different destinies.

3. More heroines.

When faced with multiple beautiful women showing love, you don't need to be bound by the plot, you can choose the beautiful woman you like at will to accompany you for life. Of course, before choosing, you need to get their love.

4. Rich plot.

The plot volume of up to a million words has constructed a huge martial arts world, with hundreds of branches, and there is always a path you want to take.

5. Multiple schools.

There are sixty sects of the arena, right or evil, enemy or friend, whether you can learn martial arts of the sect, whether you can join the sect, it depends on how you act.

6. Super high degree of freedom.

The sandbox world with high degree of freedom allows you to travel freely regardless of the main line, make friends all over the world, and search for treasures.

7. War chess-style turn-based combat.

Strategic war chess-style turn-based combat. The protagonist can freely choose weapons and freely match skills, bringing an unprecedented fighting experience.

8. Free collocation of skills.

Thousands of skills can be freely matched to create the hero you want.

9, many adventures

The rivers and lakes are full of adventures, dangers and opportunities coexist, full of adventurous spirit, and at the same time full of fun, they also bring different choices and lead to different destinies.

10. Development of teammates.

Many arena knights can make friends, can be cultivated, can explore the rivers and lakes together for adventure, and can comprehend advanced martial arts.

11. Full dubbing.

The main line is dubbed throughout, bringing a different feast to your hearing.

Next stop Jianghu Ⅰ
Hossam Galal

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