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My farm story

My farm story

By: 狮子游戏

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"My Farm Story" is a Japanese-Korean style simulation business game. Players build your farm by planting, harvesting, producing, building machines, and raising cute pets. Make friends, complete requests, exchange gifts, date, and let romance bloom!

The combination of classic experience and innovative gameplay, a novel neighbor and close friend system, and a lively player community, you can help each other and grow together with friends and millions of farmers.

[Game Features]

Open up wasteland and farm, experience the fun from scratch;

Raising animals and cultivating bamboo rats earn 10 million yuan a year;

Team up to fish and compete with your fishing friends;

Mining exploration, the secret of the mine is unlocked by you;

Occupational specialization, various occupations have their own characteristics;

Neighborhood collection, there are unexpected surprises everywhere;

DIY as you wish, show your decoration skills;

Four seasons change, enjoy the difference between spring, summer, autumn and winter;

Variety of costumes, matching according to mood;

Build a farm, your site is in charge;

Arranging the garden, all the friends who came to praised it;

Brand new Japanese and Korean architectural elements, feel the two-dimensional farm life.

My farm story
Hossam Galal

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