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Moe dog family

Moe dog family

By: tk101

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You who like Wang Xingren accidentally triggered a device to go to a mysterious area, so you came to this Wang Xingren world and started your story with cute dogs.

There is a'cute dog community' here. There are different kinds of Wang Xing people living in the community, and you are the master of this community.

Each Wang Xingren has its own unique personality, but they also have the same characteristics, that is,'soft cute'.

In the community, you are the owner of the Wang Xingren, you can spread dog food, you can take the Wang Xingren for a walk; you can also use props to add more fun; or enjoy the process and entertain yourself.

In short, it is all up to you, and you can manage your own "cute dog family" in your own way.

Moe dog family
Hossam Galal

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