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Little Legion: Decisive Battle

Little Legion: Decisive Battle

By: Triniti Interactive Studios Limited

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Welcome to "Little Legion: Final Battle"! This work is a biography of the "Little Legion" series.

In order to prevent the Dark Lord and his Dark Legion from ruling the land again, many of the well-known and loved heroes in "Little Legion" will once again take up swords, put on battle armor, and fight for the light. In addition, many historical and mythological heroes have also joined this duel, including some brand new heroes: Alexander the Conqueror, King Arthur the Eternal...

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Each hero has its own unique characteristics. They have an irreplaceable role on the battlefield. They recruit and train these heroes, form their own army, and lead them to cooperate with each other in battle and defeat their opponents.

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On a mysterious continent, where the light goes, it is called the land of light. Humans, elves, dwarves and barbarians live peacefully here, but in the abyss of darkness that the light cannot reach, the forces of darkness are also rising. , And gave birth to a powerful leader, the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord was ambitious and wanted to rule the Light Land, and formed a dark army to invade everywhere. In order to prevent the Dark Lord from forming a joint army, the four clans defeated the Dark Legion in the final battle and successfully sealed the Dark Lord. When the Dark Lord was sealed, he vowed that he would return again. At that time, the four clans would not be able to stop him again.

Today, the power of the seal is weakening, the dark forces are about to move, and the Dark Lord's oath is about to come true. In order to prevent darkness from covering the earth again, the heroes assemble again and embark on the journey!

Little Legion: Decisive Battle
Hossam Galal

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