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Mobile classroom

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"Mobile Classroom" is the first campus adventure Roguelike mobile game. The game is based on the turn-based war game and strategic battles. The interesting maze battle theme is moved to the campus. Randomly generated makes every campus adventure full of unknowns and challenges. Every time you explore, you can feel the difference. Surprise and excitement! Here, there are hundreds of equipment skills for you to match, there are nine professional lineups for you to choose, and there are trading houses to let you exchange what you have. Start your adventure and uncover the truth behind the campus!

*Youth campus memories

In "Mobile Classroom", you can return to that arrogant youth era and reminisce about the beautiful school life. Familiar class bells, condolences from the canteen aunt, and quarrels among classmates, make yourself young! The rich plot makes you immersed in it, that is your youth!

* Explore random mazes

Every time the maze is randomly generated, you never know whether the next room is a monster, a hidden, a shop, or a boss that will destroy you. The uncertain maze allows you to activate your brain and give full play to the props and skills, so that you can go down a hundred floors bravely.

*War chess formation

Say "no" to the simple and rude game of pile attribute brainless push map! In "Maze Moving", you need to line up troops to deal with endless adventures. And the automatic combat system of Human Nature can be turned on when you don't want to control the overall situation (Friendly reminder, please do not turn on BOSS battle, otherwise it will let you understand what is truly cruel).

*Various talents and skills

9 major occupations, 270 different talents. You can freely choose and match the talents and skills of each profession, and you can develop your own most satisfying combination in a different way. You, who are unique, can create talents and skills that best suit you.

*Massive equipment for you to match

Regardless of "exploding" equipment, making equipment yourself, obtaining equipment from activities, or auctioning equipment at trading houses, you can always get the equipment you are most satisfied with. No matter what kind of attributes you want to pursue, you can find the most satisfying combination for yourself. Different enchantments create exclusive more than 8,000 pieces of equipment, making your equipment unique!

*Auction house is open

When your violent fire method "explodes" to the best ice method equipment, is it uncomfortable only to decompose the material? Don't be afraid, the auction house in the game can turn you waste into treasure and become rich overnight, just today.

Mobile classroom
Hossam Galal

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