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Magic Cave 2

Magic Cave 2

By: 雷霆游戏

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Magic Cave 2 is an independent Roguelike game. Here, you can choose to become an adventurer with different physiques. You can be an experienced explorer, a wandering demon, or a knight commander of the kingdom on vacation.

Enter the weird cave, search for a steady stream of treasures, defeat different monsters, use skills to build yourself into different professions, make yourself stronger, go deeper, and discover more secrets... Remember, Escape in time is the key to success.

※Kongregate's best game of 2015, tried and praised by more than 300 W players

※Officially authorized Chinese version, authentic and lower price

※100 floors full of underground caves full of different monsters and treasures

※More than 300 types of equipment and reinforcement materials

※Innovative dungeon rules, use escape wings to control risks and escape in time; rest stops on every 10 floors can also make your dungeon journey easier

※Rich skill tree brings 3 different game experiences, or you can find more

※8 explorer protagonists of different physiques, 4 unique game modes

※Grant Kirkhope brings very substituting game music

Magic Cave 2
Hossam Galal

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