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Magic Apostle Elimination

Magic Apostle Elimination

By: 小鸟游戏

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This is a world created by the God of Cooking. There are seven continents, and the people of the seven continents worship a unified god-God of Cooking. In order to maintain the peace and stability of the world, God of Cooking sent the seven cooking spirits who accompanied him to the world to help people. The aura-filled Seven Continents gave birth to a variety of food spirits. Chefs practiced their cooking skills and communicated with them to make delicious food. The chef is the most noble profession in the Seven Continents, and it is the lifelong wish of every chef to find the chef and get their approval. Momo sauce in the small town of Yar is preparing to embark on a journey for her dream of being a chef, and there are more challenges waiting for her in the future.

The game deletion test has ended. Thank you for your support. Welcome to join the player group: 861296911. Pay attention to various information about the game for the first time. In order to bring players a better game environment, the game needs to continue to be optimized. There will be news. Tell the player at the first time, when will the next test be opened~

Magic Apostle Elimination
Hossam Galal

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