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Magic Academy

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In 800 years of the magic calendar, you woke up from the darkness and founded the Magic Academy.


The player acts as a magister and leads 3 heroes to fight against other players. During the battle, it is necessary to use the cards in the hand to reasonably adjust the hero's position, and cooperate with the hero's skills to achieve the purpose of suppressing the opponent and winning.


Fighters, with strong health and resilience, and weak output ability, are mainly responsible for buffering combat pressure.

Mage, with low attribute 3 and powerful skills, usually responsible for controlling the field or breaking out.

Assassins, with higher attribute 3, generally have the ability to advance, which can cause beheading effects on enemy units.

Archer, low health, strong output ability of general attack, relying on the player's hand card resources in a single battle.


Each adventure card will bring the player an experience in the magical world. Maybe you were still happy to get the gold coin card a minute ago, but in a blink of an eye you were stolen by a thief; maybe you kindly helped a ranger, that’s it. Recruit her to the Magic Academy; maybe you have finally defeated the dragon and found that this world still hides greater secrets...

For many designs in the game, I hope to discuss and improve it with everyone. Players are welcome to stream.

Player QQ group: 458453179

Magic Academy
Hossam Galal

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