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Love with Chang

Love with Chang

By: 宝船游戏

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"Love with Clothes" is a Japanese girl dress up mobile game, for designers to realize the most beautiful girl dream. The development team invited a large number of Japanese painters to paint more than 8,000 exquisite costumes and hundreds of suits. From traditional Japanese kimono to lolita dress, from youthful cute to charming and sexy. Players can collect various styles of clothing and continuously expand their own wardrobe. More than 8,000 pieces of clothing can be matched for you to realize the dream of a princess in a dreamy wardrobe.

Game features:

——Luozhuang mobile game turned into lo mother

Gorgeous and exquisite Lolita equipment, whether you like sweet, classical, gothic, punk, sailor or Japanese style, you can transform into a stunning game in the game and start your dress-up journey!

——Painting by Japanese painters

We sincerely invite top painters to draw exquisite Japanese clothing, starting from material and design, taking into account the characteristics of animation and reality, and combining the advantages of both to form the most distinctive and recognizable Japanese dressing style!

——Compare to wear with novel themes

Compete with all kinds of designs for various themes, quickly open your fashion wardrobe and show your fashion taste. In addition, a wealth of props can be used in the game to help you get high scores!

——Lovely dubbing of top CV

The game characters not only have pleasing shapes and full character characters, but also CV dubbed by luxurious voice actors such as Umehara Yuichiro, Masuda Toshiki, Ka Yangguang, and Hikasa Yoko, each has its own charm!

——Fantasy and wonderful story

In the "fragmented world", there are many dream kingdoms. You can meet different people. As you travel step by step, you will slowly uncover the truth of a mysterious event in the 18th century!

Love with Chang
Hossam Galal

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