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Lone Blade Shadow Sword Record

Lone Blade Shadow Sword Record

By: 志裕网络

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"Lone Blade Shadow Sword Record" is a martial arts card mobile game with self-developed combat gameplay.

In the last years of Tianquan, the emperor has no way, the imperial court is declining, the Western Regions are eyeing, the martial arts and the knights rise together, the mountains and rivers are not happy, and the mourning is everywhere. Who is responsible for Fuyi, and still the world is prosperous and Qingming?

[Game Features]

Exquisite painting style, hand-painted landscape and rivers and lakes

A lot of hand-painted classic elements are used in the game.

On the upper and lower scrolls of the picture, knights gather; lights are on and off, swords and swords are shadowed;

The wine shop market is located in an orderly manner; the bamboo forest is small and the desert is lonely smoke.

With one touch, the wonderful scene of Chinese ink painting is revealed.

Lone Blade Shadow Sword Record
Hossam Galal

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