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工匠物语2(SmithStory II)

工匠物语2(SmithStory II)

By: Glaciwaker Entertainment, Inc.

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Click the sequel to the game "Smith Story"! Finally 3D!!

The player still plays an obscure little blacksmith. In addition to continuing to embark on the journey to find grandpa, but also to fight against the gangsters who are ready to move.

※Forging system

Inherit the forging system of the previous game, and pursue the strongest weapon


Become the strongest blacksmith, squeeze in!


Catch a fish leisurely! Major lakes are waiting for players to challenge

※New town and adventure

Extensive maps and various treasures are waiting for you to crack them one by one

※Pet system

Newly added incubation system to follow pets, more companions on the adventure

※The main line and branch plot

What is the conspiracy of the mysterious *** Ratshou, go find out

工匠物语2(SmithStory II)
Hossam Galal

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