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Loli development plan

Loli development plan

By: 南京月冕网络科技有限公司

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"Lori Cultivation Project" is based on the era background of the Three Kingdoms and the Warring States Period. It is a two-dimensional card placement and harem development on-hook mobile game. When the Three Kingdoms meets the Warring States Period, the heroes of the two eras gather together to transform themselves into beautiful girls and experience different Cao Cao, Nobunaga, Sun Quan... Tsao Jiao, San Wu, Yu Jie, Disease Jiao and other attributes. What kind of stories and passion will emerge from the fierce battle between the cute girls with distinctive personality and the game between the wise men? And you are in this strange time and space, experiencing the different styles of the two eras, the two camps, make a choice, start a passionate duel with brand-new original rules, re-interpret the legend of the wind and clouds; passion and leisure coexist, passion and Buddhism Now, the Loli Development Plan brings you the most unique sense of innovation satisfaction.

[Heart! Close contact with partner characters]

Full-character live 2D dynamic vertical painting, whether it is a beloved military general partner or a moving beauty character, you can interact with them in real time in the game! Tap and touch to interact, trigger more interesting and fun plot stories, and finally establish a sweet love bond, they will accompany you through every day of the game life!

[Hot blood! The cross-server war is about to start]

The newly added PVP mode allows you to fully immerse yourself in the battle. The innovative point-based gameplay and open combat mode increase the competitive nature while making PVP more fair and interesting, allowing your weak and beautiful girls to grow into unique ones. Front-line pioneers, in a limited time, play unlimited possibilities.

[Surprise! Koi European Emperor Peak Draw】

Don't pay attention to the right time and place, don't mess with the mysterious rituals of metaphysics, unique non-chief guarantee mechanism, high-quality UR gods, easy recruitment, accidentally double yolk eggs, can drive a good mood for the day! Quickly upupup the goodwill of military master Cai Wenji, unlock more prize pool illustrations, and more mysterious fashion skins, which will be opened for a limited time!

[Easy! Free combination placement challenge]

Hundreds of tactical girls arbitrarily match, diversify combinations, and automatically release their skills throughout the battle, trigger the link, and free your hands at the end! No liver or krypton, magical place, stop when you play, easy to earn! Rare materials, drop off the whole line on-hook! Fight as a clone, wake up and harvest resources easily!

[Attribution! In-depth cultivation and devotion cultivation]

There are not only well-designed cards, but also an exciting enhancement system! Promotion, promotion, breakthrough, star rise, awakening... bit by bit, witness the gradual growth of your beloved partner! Now, come to strengthen your favorite card characters and build your strongest battle lineup!

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Loli Development Plan Customer Service QQ: 2971269580

Loli development plan
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