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Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light

By: 普游

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The epic magical mobile game "Watchman of Light" is shockingly launched! Leading the new era of national BOSS, hurry up and start your magical journey!

[Feature 1] [Innovative BOSS Battle]

Innovative positioning movement method, press and hold the screen to move the position, 360-degree rotation around the BOSS, easy to operate, flexible positioning, not only to meet the joy of the player's hand exercises, but also to avoid the problem of heroes running and misoperation, and experience an abundance Fierce battle of BOSS!

[Feature 2] [Perfect integration of card and MMO]

Dual combat mode, which not only satisfies the fun of ordinary warfare, and collects cards to sweep more levels; you can also enjoy WOW-like BOSS battles, real-time battles, and complete the killing of BOSS through strategic positioning and skills. !

[Feature 3] [Epic Hero Skills]

Each hero has two unique skills, manually release skills, taunt the BOSS, control the BOSS direction, interrupt the BOSS core skills, turn on the defense skills of the whole group, dispel negative buffs, increase blood for all members, etc. Massive skills, each hero has a unique strategy, a lot of fun waiting for you to explore!

[Feature 4] [Multiplayer team battle]

Support 2-person group, 3-person group, 15-person group, passionate youth, reignite the years of pioneering wasteland! A whole new world is waiting for you!

Keeper of the Light
Hossam Galal

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