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I went to space mining to pay off debts (beta)

I went to space mining to pay off debts (beta)

By: 风兔游戏

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In the great entrepreneurial era, it seems that everyone can be successful, and many people have a fire that is unwilling to be ordinary. Regrettably, the few who succeed are always in the minority. Young Akira's entrepreneurial project "Saturn Agriculture" closed down. Ah Huang fainted early, was scammed by a black-hearted "investor" and was burdened with 10 million in debt. As the saying goes, what is not obtained is always in a commotion, and what is lost only knows the heartache. In order to pay off the debt, Ah Huang accepted the temptation to work at a high salary and went to the "Totem" space station, the cutting-edge mining camp of Interstellar Mining, and embarked on a legendary life journey of mining and paying off debts in space.


Gameplay and features


☢: This is a casual game of gold miner type. It incorporates many innovative elements. It is extremely friendly to novices. It is easy to play without a strong liver. It can be played casually, and it is magical.

☢: Innovated N kinds of cosmic ores and props, props + special function ores bring interesting and changeable funny game experience.

☢: All kinds of original limited edition skins can be changed as you like to create your own unique interstellar mining journey.

☢: Adding numerical system and ore value system, light operation element, let you experience a different life of mining debt repayment at its peak.

☢: Innovate the building technology system, integrate strategy, and make the gameplay experience more diversified.

☢: A unique full-hand-drawn comic art style, together to appreciate the wonderful and legendary life of the contemporary youth Ah Huang after the failure of entrepreneurship.

I went to space mining to pay off debts (beta)
Hossam Galal

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