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Huayishan Heart Moon

Huayishan Heart Moon

By: 亦心工作室

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In the prosperous age of Xuanjing, the descendants of the noble family could enter the Royal Academy to study. As the young master of the Hua family, you are about to enter the "Mingyong Academy" to study, but you don't know that there are hidden secrets behind the academy. You have studied and grown in the academy, you have made friends with celebrities of different styles along the way, worked together to solve the mystery of the court, and battled with the indistinguishable celebrities and nobles, but you were unknowingly involved in the whirlpool of power... This first academy in Dajing, admired by the world, is it a peaceful place for the children of the aristocratic family, or a place where court conspiracy is fermented?

"The Moon in the Heart of Huayishan" is a mobile game of the Royal Academy's ancient drama series. Here you can experience:

[The Royal Academy of National Style Giant System] National Rhyme and Golden Portrayal of the Prosperity of the East

[Film and television voice actors ingenious sound painting] Huayin Yayun is the ultimate immersion

[Dark tide surging suspense plot] Yuanqi Academy hides the universe

[All kinds of celebrities are collected under the command] It is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong of old enemies and friends

[Painting Beauty, Relaxing and Relaxing] Ancient aristocratic campus life

Huayishan Heart Moon
Hossam Galal

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