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Horror Inn

Horror Inn

By: 快乐水工作室

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"Horror Hotel" is a more terrifying and exciting, very thrilling adventure escape survival game. Everyone should have fearful things or scenes in their childhood. Everyone should have similar nightmares after watching a horror movie. Dim rooms, narrow corridors, blood-stained walls, complicated structures, locked doors, will this game evoke the fear buried in your heart? In this game, the player will play the role of a kid imprisoned in a horror hotel about to be harmed. While the shop owner is doing something else, quickly find a safe place to hide! You can escape from this ghost place until the end. The hotel has been in disrepair for a long time. Be careful not to make any noise or face cruel pursuits.

Game features

[Super smooth]

Integrated level map, free movement and exploration, smooth and smooth

【Super Reality】

Deep-level plot depiction, highly integrated story and game, exploration from the first perspective

【Super Brain Burn】

Complicated scenes, hidden props, test logic ability and reaction ability, follow the plot to explore the secrets behind the story

[Super stimulation]

Realistic sound effects, bring immersive horror experience, use headphones to get 100% sense of substitution

【Super exquisite】

High-quality art team and realistic game characters, break the barriers between people and games, and experience an immersive game experience

Horror Inn
Hossam Galal

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