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Above the building

Above the building

By: UPON工作室

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"Above the Building" is a voxel style management and construction game.

In this virtualized utopia, golden flying fish walk through the huge mushroom forest, and the eaves carved with blue birds are staggered.

In this country all the way up, relying on one's own hands to build brick by brick, only those who keep climbing know what is at the end of the building.


Players use strategies in the game to find and synthesize the required elements, and exchange the elements for building materials and build houses. In the beginning, the player did not accumulate funds, only

Be able to rent other people’s houses. With the economic growth brought about by the task, players can buy houses or even buy land, transforming from a worker to a landlord, and renting

Housing received more funds for further development.

Players need to search for element dolls in the scene. The collected low-level dolls can be dragged into the element synthesis box in the illustration book to synthesize higher-level element dolls.

After the player has obtained a certain number of dolls, they can enter the construction page in exchange for corresponding building materials to build a house.

Players will get corresponding gold coins after completing construction tasks of different difficulty.

You need to always pay attention to your fullness and stamina. Building a house consumes stamina, and time lapses consumes fullness. Both of these values can be passed through gold coins

To purchase the corresponding item to restore, players need to make a trade-off. 15 minutes of game time is a cycle of day and night. Players must find when the game world enters the night

Go to a place to rest. Rental houses, apartments or self-built houses are all available. If the character is overworked, the game fails.

[Game Features]

[National style punk setting, bringing gorgeous and splendid visual enjoyment]

We use more unique art expression techniques to better integrate gameplay and vision, and bring a more delicate sensory experience.

[All kinds of material dolls are scattered everywhere, experience the pleasure of collecting all the resources in the world]

The materials collected by players in the big world are "dolls". These dolls have very different personalities and like to stay in different environments. Running around in the big world

Collecting dolls is also a great fun.

[Explore the mysterious new world, let you roam on the large map with high degree of freedom]

The big sandbox world allows players to explore freely, and different lifestyles can bring a completely different play experience.

Above the building
Hossam Galal

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