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Happy face cute

Happy face cute

By: monkey studio

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Welcome to happy face cute

"Happy Face Meng" is an interesting competitive game with simple operation and easy to use.

In the world of cute happy faces, there are a group of happy friends. They design levels with each other, freely place obstacles, make each game fresh and unique, and make the game full of fun and challenges. They pit each other and help each other; they are competitors and friends.

Does it sound fun? Let's play with Happy Face Meng!

Game features:

1. Instant competitive experience, interactive gameplay.

2. Smooth operation experience, delicate micro-operation.

3. The free design of levels in the scene, the organs are freely placed by the players, there are many types of organs, each round is a new experience, and the scene is fresh and exciting.

4. A variety of roles, different skills, and different operating experience.

5. Cheerful background music, interesting dubbing.

This test is a paid test without deleting files, even after the test is over, everyone can still play in the server~

Happy face cute
Hossam Galal

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