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Grab turf together

Grab turf together

By: 英雄互娱

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A casual and competitive mobile game that you absolutely must not miss! Unique photo gameplay, keep your eyes and hands happy~~~

"Let's grab the site together" is a casual competitive mobile game that supports everyone to play against each other. The operation is simple but without loss of change. The interface style is gorgeous and colorful, and the role setting is quirky. The unique photo system incorporates interactive elements into casual competitions, giving people tension while not losing the fun of making friends. At the same time, the game duration is appropriate, allowing players to turn on their mobile phones to quickly join a game anytime, anywhere.

Players can enjoy a variety of game fun:

1. The show turns the audience: Kill your enemies, protect your territory, and work hard to expand~

2. Show all over the country: Girls from all over the country upload photos of themselves to show themselves, what are you waiting for :-D

3. Show off the features: free collocation of characters, trailing, and watermarks, brighten the opponent's eyes, and create a very cool you, la la la~

Grab turf together
Hossam Galal

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