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Fleet Storm

Fleet Storm

By: 深圳范特西

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The world's first 3D multiplayer war strategy mobile game "Fleet"-takes you into a real sea battle! ~

"Fleet" is the theme of modern overhead maritime hegemony. An organization called "Eyes of Time and Space" has emerged in the era of great navigation, controlling the entire world behind the scenes. It is powerful and cunning, and influences the political situation of various countries by monopolizing the craftsmanship and resources of warships. , The ultimate goal is to rule the world. The "Free Resistance Army" played by the players is an alliance formed by a group of volunteers who see through their conspiracy. The battle between the two must ultimately be decided by the giant ship and the artillery... The game is built with U3D engine, and strives to The picture is more exquisite. The all-round perspective of hundreds of ships in the game will also appear in the naval battle mobile game for the first time, taking you into a real sea battle!

[Game Features]

Real feeling of the ultimate picture

"Fleet" uses the Unity3D graphics processing engine to make the sea scene more realistic. At the same time, the historical material restoration technology of the battleship model is carried out to ensure the ultimate restoration of the model, and the real physical simulation technology is used to optimize the ship's gunfire and hull explosion. , So that everyone can more truly feel the real atmosphere of war.

Highly restored hundreds of ships

"Fleet" highly restores nearly a hundred types of warships in the world during World War II. Five types of warships, battleships, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, and special ships are on standby. The classics of sea battles are reproduced across the ages, and the gameplay shows hundreds of types of ships. Boat charm

Fight freely in all directions

"Fleet" 360-degree free and unlocked perspective, feel the intense battle close at hand. A variety of commands can be switched at will, hundreds of ships are free to build, your fighting style is up to you, and you can truly enjoy the passion of highly realistic naval warfare.

Featured plot era classic

"Fleet" takes you to open a new cross-age gameplay, truly restore the historical changes of naval battles, experience the life outside of battle, and feel the unique charm of the world of naval battles.

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Fleet Storm
Hossam Galal

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