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Cataclysm-Survival Doomsday

Cataclysm-Survival Doomsday

By: 深圳市玉苹果科技有限公司

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"Cataclysm" is an independent game of doomsday survival, players who like survival games should not miss it~

As the game time progresses, the enemies in the game world will become stronger and survive

The environment will deteriorate, and players need more scientific and technological manpower support to survive in this world.

[Simulated reality environment system]

Food: The degree of diet will affect a person's combat effectiveness and health status

Water: Dehydration symptoms will appear after lack of water, and affect health

Mood: If you can't work when you are in a low mood; self-injury or run away when it reaches a certain level

Health: Vitality, when it is 0 in battle, it will be in a state of dying

[Rich exploration system]

Rescue mission

– Search for information about survivors, and resources will be available after completion

• Resource point exploration

– Explore resources to collect materials

• Annihilation mission

-Destroy enemies to get rewards

• Stronghold occupation

-Occupy resource points and dispatch manpower for production

【Huge technology system】

Tool research

– According to the needs of collection and exploration, more efficient tools are developed

• Weapon Research

– Strengthen weapons and equipment to make combat more powerful

• Material research

– Research on food storage technology and material use technology

• Camp research

– Make the camp stronger

• Vehicle research

– Make the exploration of logistics more convenient and reduce the loss of migration

[Original combat system]

Distance: When the battle begins, there will be a distance range between the enemy and the enemy.

And the attack also has a distance judgment

– Props: In addition to weapons and props, you can use them in battle, such as:

Grenades, Molotov cocktails, healing potions, etc.

– Equipment: Depending on the equipment, the attack method of the character is also

Will be different

– Formation: In battle, characters will be divided according to their profession

Those who are in the front row or the back row

– Traps: Traps can assist inferior players in fighting in battle,

Mainly divided into three categories: blocking, damage, and restriction

Cataclysm-Survival Doomsday
Hossam Galal

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