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Fighting Ball Academy

Fighting Ball Academy

By: 库仑力工作室

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"Battle Ball Academy" is a multiplayer competitive game with football as the theme and combined with moba elements. Unfettered game rules and varied talent skills will bring you a brand new gaming experience!

[Game Background]

In 20XX, a street sport called "Fighting Ball" was born. With the unfettered rules of the game and the integration of science and technology, it swept the streets and alleys in an instant, and all men, women and children were attracted by its dreamlike charm. Impressed. People stepped forward and stepped into this prosperous world, and those "fighting ball" stars who emerged at the historic moment have become popular idols. In just one year, "Battle Ball" has moved towards professionalism. Schools for the purpose of training "Battle Ball" players have sprung up all over the world.

And you, as one of many teenagers with dreams, entered the most famous [Acadia Fighting Ball Academy] in the world, and started working towards your goal!

[Game Features]

★Unusual gameplay

There are no regular rules of football in the game, and there are no concepts such as scoring, out of bounds, offside, and set kicks. Players need to operate their own characters to attack the enemy's goal as much as possible by means of running, passing, shooting, skills, etc., while protecting our goal. The team that destroys the enemy's goal first can win the game.

★High degree of freedom game experience

The game adopts double-*** operation mode, which is highly operability and gives players a great depth of digging space. And the game uses a real physical collision system, characters, balls, and even skills will be bounced, knocked back, etc., many unexpected operations are waiting for you to discover!

★Variety of football fields

In the game, we will provide different courts for everyone to play. In addition to the different appearance, the court itself will also have its own characteristics. In the later stage, we will also add terrain elements to make the game full of variables!

★Flexible combination of skills

The skills in the game are divided into talent skills and fashion skills. The talent skills are the active skills we often say. Players can equip 2 talent skills. The effects of each skill are different. Players need to explore them slowly. Come to find the best match of skills for you. The fashion skills are used as an additional means to enhance the player's abilities, allowing players to dress themselves carefully while also gaining a certain degree of improvement.

★Fashion matching that highlights individuality

In the game, players are no longer a simple set of fixed appearances, but can DIY their own characters from head to toe. There are five parts of head, jacket, pants, shoes, and accessories for you to freely match.

Fighting Ball Academy
Hossam Galal

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