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Fantasy Q Biography

Fantasy Q Biography

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"Fantasy Q Biography" is a fantasy and light strategic Three Kingdoms mobile game that crosses the battle theme. In the game, players are accidentally summoned to an unusual Three Kingdoms different world, with the goal of defeating the devil Zhang Jiao and saving the world, recruiting powerful forces. The gods of the Three Kingdoms will form their own legions to conquer the world to regain lost ground, and at the same time build cities, interact with the rest of the players, and become a powerful city master step by step.

Cultivate heroes, recruit mercenaries, forge treasures, add officials to nobles, form kingdoms, siege the city... all the three kingdoms characteristic gameplays you want! Multi-integrated gameplay creates an immersive experience, returning to the Three Kingdoms battlefield anytime, anywhere! Come to "Fantasy Q Biography" to create your own fantasy of the Three Kingdoms!

[Above ten thousand people, famous for the Three Kingdoms]

Fight with enthusiasm, make meritorious deeds, sergeant, governor, governor, sima...promoted to rank, counterattack the world! Feel the glory above ten thousand people!

[Three Kingdoms and Hundred Generals, gather for you]

The heroes of the Three Kingdoms, including Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Zhao Yun, awaken and gather for you! Collect and train peerless soldiers to form the strongest army of generals!

[The kingdom fights for the front, fights on the Quartet]

At the time when the forces are divided, the world will be united for a long time, horns and drums are cleverly arranged, and the winner is the king of strong PK with other players! Let you be on the scene and experience the hearty and ultimate combat experience!

【Crossing the Three Kingdoms, Rewriting History】

Return to the Three Kingdoms anytime, anywhere! Green plum boiled wine on heroes, walked through all the way through talk and laughter, experienced the troubled times of the Eastern Han Dynasty, interpreted the original story of the Three Kingdoms, and fully displayed your ambitions!

[Full of benefits and generous rewards]

SSR three-choice one, ten consecutive draws and many other benefits will be given away

Fantasy Q Biography
Hossam Galal

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