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Fairy Gensokyo

Fairy Gensokyo

By: 扑家工作室

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----------------------<summary of the story>------------------------ ---

You come to a village rich in nature,

Encountered the village girl "Chacha" and became the village head for some reason! ?

In order to keep the village alive, you have to go out and explore with your partner!

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------

■What is a fairy...

You have to work together with your partner "fairy" to complete the commission!

The goblin obeys your instructions and becomes stronger...!

Adjust equipment, accumulate demon power, and raise the fairy stronger!

■ Break through the maze and get props!

Challenge mazes of different terrains and get props!

The items obtained on the road can be exchanged and sold, and there are many uses!

Some things have unexpected uses...?

■It doesn’t matter if you fall down! ? Entrust a friend to help!

It is always dangerous to explore the maze!

When an accident falls, you can also resurrect with the help of your companions!

Help each other with friends and go to the bottom of the maze!

■Plenty of market functions!

Props can be traded between users!

Buy the missing items and sell the excess items!

Look at the market more! Maybe you can get an unexpected treasure...! ?

There are many more attractive characters on stage!

A new Roguelike game composed of Japanese style + pixels!

Fairy Gensokyo
Hossam Galal

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