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Cultivation style life (beta)

Cultivation style life (beta)

By: 嘉量游戏

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"Life of Cultivation" is a game that simulates the life of a cultivator. It is independently created by the developer of "Elemental Abyss". Although this is only a game independently developed by one person, it is not sloppy at all! The new work still retains the original intention, continues the random experience and high degree of freedom gameplay that players love in the previous work, and is committed to restoring a real life of cultivation for players.

In the game, everything happens randomly and there is no so-called ending. Your life cannot be controlled by heaven, but by you! From birth, every ten years you have experienced is destined to be extraordinary, but how many ten years can life be? Everything is in your hands. Different events will make different choices, different experiences will bring different attributes, different Taoists and disciples will also have unpredictable futures, different cultivation bases will also achieve different realms, and eventually will go differently. The life of immortality...

Maybe your life started like this:

In 10 years, you sat cross-legged, fell into meditation, and studied hard for the scriptures;

For 20 years, you have been obsessed with cultivating ancient exercises, practicing magical elixir, setting foot on the road to the fairy mountain, and fighting the giant beasts in the mountain for three days and three nights;

In 150 years, you have owned many caves of your own, and you have practiced together with your Taoist companions. On the way, you spent many years of cultivation base to surrender the rare beasts, but because of your good life style, you successfully resisted the nine heavens and soared;

In 500 years, you planted seeds and looked forward to forming fairy fruits; you were immersed in the tower of refining monsters, refining and synthesizing all kinds of strange monsters; you traveled to and from the market, exploring the market market; you harvested disciples, cultivated and taught their exercises, For its degree of repair;

In 2000, you may fly to wonderland! Or maybe something happened unexpectedly?

Everything is possible on the road to Xiuxian, maybe you have not lived a long time, and you died young at the age of 20, or maybe you failed in a certain year and lost your life, and everything will start again, and you will continue to search. The endless road to immortality...

Cultivation style life (beta)
Hossam Galal

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