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Forged In Shadow Torch (F.I.S.T)

Six years ago, the animal-autonomous Torch City was invaded by the Machine Corps, and after the resistance lost the war, Rabbit Redwine, a former resistance fighter, has been living a life of seclusion. With the unwarranted arrest of his friends, he has no choice but to resume wielding his giant metal fist and embark on a journey to fight back. Little does he know, however, that he is about to be drawn into a complex conspiracy woven together by the Legion, the Resistance, and the underground Rat Pack.


- Seamless game map full of exploration and challenging elements

Explore more than a dozen distinctly designed areas in the Castlevania Galaxy-style game map. Countless hidden rooms, secret passages, and shortcuts, paired with the core gameplay of combat, puzzle solving, and platform jumping, will require you to complete challenges large and small to earn rewards.

The game implements a fully auto-loading map to get rid of frequent screen switching, making the grand and detailed Torch City more realistic and detailed.

- Arcade style combat system with three types of seamless weapon switching.

Use three weapons with different combat strengths: the Iron Fist, the Drill, and the Electric Whip to seamlessly switch between high combos, high damage, and long range, and choose the most appropriate attack method at any time based on the battlefield situation to leave your enemies defenseless.

Dozens of enemies with different forms, different weapons and fighting styles, and subtle coordination tactics to challenge the player. The diverse bosses each have their own unique fighting style, providing an unrepeatable gameplay experience.

- Diesel-punk aesthetic based on Unreal Engine 4.

The game's diesel-punk aesthetic, with the diesel internal combustion engine as the core element, is fused with a period oriental cityscape to present Torch City's unique visual identity. The contrast between the furry animals and the cold, mechanical soldiers reveals the game's inherent drama and conflict.

- Realistic 3D graphics developed in Unreal Engine 4, coupled with physics-based rendering, push the Castlevania genre to the top of the genre.

Hossam Galal

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