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Brick Labyrinth Builder

Brick Labyrinth Builder

By: 极光计划

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Brick Labyrinth Builder is a sandbox-based puzzle adventure game. Players can use the maze editor to easily design unique style mazes like stacking blocks by freely sharing and communicating with a vast array of components, terrain and mechanisms. You can also be a level breaker, challenging and solving other people's mazes with a variety of props to experience different levels of fun.

-Creating mazes: let your imagination run wild! With the Maze Editor, which operates like a stack of blocks, you can easily build a maze that is both fun and difficult!

-There are more than 80 terrains and mechanisms to choose from, giving you a lot of freedom and design freedom.

-Personalization: high-freedom pixel pinchers provide the stage for you to show off your unique personality! Use the character editing function to freely create your own pixel character!

-Social sharing: The convenient sharing function allows you to easily share your work with your friends, and all other players.

-Challenge the world: where you can challenge other players with different styles of mazes! Sometimes you'll need to dodge approaching rocks or defeat powerful monsters, and you may also need to use your brain to solve treasure chest puzzles that are full of surprises every time you clear the level!

-Use bombs, bows and arrows, boxes, fire magic and other various devices to your heart's content.

Brick Labyrinth Builder
Hossam Galal

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