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Extra Hero

Extra Hero


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The zone world became a dream paradise for humans to escape from the real world.

Humans are addicted to it, and they project here the original sins that are curbed by the law in the real world.

The Zone amplifies all human desires, and here, mankind is like a newborn.

A crazy musician, a secretive female hacker, a kitschy photographer, a talented female assassin ......

In the zone world, they stir their instincts to the extreme and do their best to survive in this cruel space!

Consciousness and memory are intertwined, and they are both human and part of the Zone Realm.

Every choice affects the whole world

Every change drives the evolution of the whole system

Controlling and being controlled, human beings control the Zone, and the Zone is not in control of human beings?

As a human being, how should you choose in the world of the region?

Are you ready?

- Real-time 3D action strategy game, experience the fast-paced feverish battle

Combining the unique battle system of 3D action game and card strategy game, it brings more exciting game experience.

There is no mere numerical competition, but more of a test of operation and skill.

While enjoying the thrill of action games, you can also experience the strategy of card games.

- Distinctive characters and various combinations provide players with more freedom to match

Characters with different personalities, each character has a different positioning

Hundreds of skill effects, nearly 10,000 kinds of appearance matching, create your own unique character

- Computer simulation of the illusory space, cold code to build a love-hate relationship between human beings and lifeforms in the world

Human beings who are addicted to the zone world, gain unprecedented ability in the zone world, whether to lose themselves in the zone world or to fight together with the zone world lifeforms to break free from their own shackles, all this is in your hands.

Different choices determine the character's different endings. How much of your consciousness is affected in the character's memory?

Perhaps the useless props sold at hand may also become the key to decide the life and death of the character.

- Real-time live competition with players from all over the world for intense and exciting confrontation

Human beings gathered in the world of the zone, linked together to fight in multiplayer competition

Multi-player team battles, single-player round-robin battles, and a variety of multi-player network gameplay

Fight with enemies and teammates, call your friends and have a good battle!

- Never repeat the Rogue Lite level experience

Randomly generated scenes, randomly appeared NPCs and monsters, randomly obtained effect props

Unlimited experience in a limited time and space

What awaits the player under the mists? It is always an unknown

- More interesting game content, waiting for you to discover after the official launch

The "avatar" can make cute expressions, save them and send them to your friends.

Rich interactive content, the character's happiness, anger and sadness are all decided by you

Extra Hero
Hossam Galal

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