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Eternal light

Eternal light

By: 泉友互娱

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This is a game with rogue-like random elements. In a randomly composed map scene, game characters use randomly obtained blessings and equipment to defeat the rampant monsters and find the truth in this world.

Three thousand years ago, the magic wave broke out. No one knows where the Demon Tide came from, but only knows where the Demon Tide went, the creatures mutated, the land was barren, and countless monsters were born out of thin air, swept across the continent, and countless civilizations were tormented. Haifonuo, the Sky City built with all the power of mankind, has become the last hope of the world.

On the day Hefno lifted into the sky, the ignorant monsters came like a tide as if they were commanded. Haifonuo's lift-off speed is not fast, countless monsters built a ladder with the corpses of their companions, and rushed to Haifono frantically. Fortunately, when Hifno was about to fall, a beam of light from nowhere emptied the monsters of nearly a thousand square kilometers near Hifno, Hifno successfully climbed to a safe height, and human civilization survived.

This beam of light is called the eternal light.

A thousand years ago, the eternal light began to dim, and for a thousand years, it has dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Mankind who has been at ease for thousands of years realizes that disaster is imminent.

As a fighter of Hifno, you must contribute to the continuation of mankind.

Human beings will live forever, even if they disobey the gods.

Game features:

1. Accurately walk A, so that all monsters on the journey are paper tigers

2. Challenge hundreds of experience maps, a large number of monsters and powerful bosses are waiting for you to conquer

3. Legendary and legendary equipment can be created by capturing materials in the experience map

4. Abundant equipment and gems, enhance the character's strength, let yourself embark on the road of legend

5. Flexible talent system, bringing a variety of custom play methods to the character

Eternal light
Hossam Galal

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